MS Office 365

MS Office 365


Microsoft 365 has all the familiar Office apps and more in one place. ECSU offers its students and employees access to the Microsoft Office suite in the cloud. Share your files with fellow students, professors, and colleagues to collaborate in real time or at your convenience.  

Faculty, staff and students can download the Office 365 software om up to 5 personal devices without additional costs. 


Office 365 can be accessed by one of three ways:  

 Option 1: You can visit the ECSU/MS Office portal

Option 2: Go to and log in with your ECSU credentials.  

Option 3: Through your ECSU Email account (waffle in the top left-hand corner of email) then  
                  click all apps 



Office 365
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MS Quick Start Guides

Click on the icons below for quick start guides on these common Microsoft applications.   

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   Word Excel    PowerPoint Outlook    OneNote

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